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Other Outputs from NIBS - The Science of Consumer Behaviour

On this page you will find key research outputs associated with, or attributable to, the Network from our second round of funding which commenced on 1 October 2017.  This includes a variety of work such as presentations, talks and lectures by our investigators; sponsorship of workshops & events; publicity and media coverage of our research; and more or less any output which isn't a paper or publication - as these are listed here.

Sharing Behavioural and Experimental Economics with China

Professor Chris Starmer visited the University of Nottingham's Ningbo Campus in China to present his research, and discuss ways to develop behavioural and experimental economics at the campus.

Unlocking Digital Competition

Amelia Fletcher

Innovation Workshop

Neil Stewart

Invited Discussant/ Panellist

Joerg Weber

Regulating for Competition

Amelia Fletcher

Introduction of a price cap for rent-to-own consumers

John Gathergood worked with the FCA to design and implement a consulation around the rent-to-own sector, which resulted in the introduction of a price cap in 2019, saving consumers an estimated £22.7 million

A revolution in our sense of self

Nick Chater

Evasive Communications

Daniel Read & Despoina Alempaki

PhDs Introduction to NIBS at the September Workshop

Malte Baader, Sarah Bowen, Richard Mills, Neo Poon

Price Discrimination Workshop & Presentation

Bruce Lyons & Bob Sugden

Investigating Choice Overload

Chris Starmer, Robin Cubitt & Joerg Weber

UNDP Tool Development

Chris Starmer, Emily Wyman, Umar Taj

Exchange Visit to Carnegie Mellon University

Orestis Kopsacheilis
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