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Research Awards

The next deadline for accepting bids will be in September 2021 after the NIBS internal workshop. We aim to provide feedback within 2 weeks of the deadline date. 

The Management Group will consider 'out of cycle' bids if they respond to opportunities that are especially time sensitive.  In such cases, the applicant will need to demonstrate this is the case and provide a rationale for the bid to be considered 'out of cycle'.  It will be up to Management Group to decide if they agree with the reasoning and, if not, the bid will be considered as part of the next funding round.

Bids will be reviewed by the NIBS Management Group who will place weight on:  

  • the scientific rationale for the proposed work in the context of the Network objectives 
  • its potential to deliver significant outputs consistent with Network research objectives
  • affordability/value for money 
  • bids with potential to foster Network objectives of cross-institution and cross-disciplinary research  
  • bids that have potential to create impact 
  • ensuring that, where PhD or Post Doc input is requested, their overall work profiles within the Network are suitably career enhancing.

Any bid should include at least one NIBS Co-Investigator or Post Doc as a named collaborator.  Beyond this there are no restrictions regarding who can bid.   

Bids should include the following information.  

  1. Outline of proposed research
  2. Explain how the proposed research will contribute to the objectives of the Network
  3. Resources requested (and details of other funding supporting the research)
  4. The name of a lead researcher who will manage the award and be a key point of contact
  5. For bids requesting input of junior researchers, please explain their role (and whether, for instance, there will be opportunities for career enhancement).  Please specify requested researcher time as a percentage of their time across a specified number of weeks.
  6. Schedule for conduct of the research.  We expect that most bids funded will report back at September NIBS meetings.  

Please submit bids, via e-mail attachment, to reach the NIBS Adminstrator by the deadline date.

We would also like to remind researchers that all NIBS-funded output should cite NIBS by name and grant number [ES/P008976/1], following recommended guidelines

Please take time to look at our ‘guide for successful bidders' (revised Dec 2018) which explains the process for claiming funds, as this is different from the system operated under NIBS 1.

Successful Bids

  • The Description-Experience Gap in Cooperation
  • Time Allocation and Bracketing Behaviours
  • To hide or not to hide? How fear and futility affect the decision to report a mistake
  • The determinants of consumer engagement: a price prediction approach
  • Sequential gambles with reinvestment
  • Preference reversals for losses and inter-temporal choices
  • Are You Being Skewed Over?
  • Investigating the influence of facemask wearing on trust and trustworthiness (phase one)
  • Experiment 3: Nudging Self-Reports of Medicines Adherence
  • Tests of cross-modal discounting with divisible rewards- experiment one
  • Information presentation and advice in decisions over risky assets
  • Delegation Preferences: Computers vs Humans
  • Avoidable mistakes: to hide or not to hide?
  • Time, Psychology of Scarcity & Bracketing
  • Routes II Experiment
  • The role of deception in stimulating negative evaluations of win-win corporate sustainability initiatives
  • A Replication Experiment
  • How does lottery format affect risk attitudes?
  • Associative Thinking *and a follow up study
  • The Mere Urgency Effect: an artefact of experimental design? *and a follow up project for continuation of the series of replication studies
  • Testing Preference Reversals in Risky Choice with Multiple Value Elicitation Methods & follow up
  • A Battle of Ideas: Resisting Persuasion to Avoid Defeat
  • Effect of Composite Dimensions in Multi-Attibute Health Choices
  • How to measure risk preferences: Towards bridging the disparate measurement traditions of revealed and stated preferences
  • The reason structure of context effects
  • The determinants of consumer engagement
  • Evasive Communication *and a follow up - Evasive Communication: The Role of Reputation
  • Lab Experimental Approaches to Measuring Individual Creativity (part funded)
  • Mechanisms Behind Nudging Adherence: A Randomised Controlled Trial *and a follow Nudging Self-Reports of Adherence: Replication & Intentions Follow-Up
  • Tainted Nudge
  • Investigating the Influence of Behavioural Factors on Consumers
  • Selling Winners or Losers
  • The Red, The Black, and The Plastic

You can also view the list of projects funded under our NIBS 1 grant period.

Much of this research has resulted in working papers and publications.  These can be found in the relevant section on our website.

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