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Other Outputs from NIBS - The Science of Consumer Behaviour

On this page you will find key research outputs associated with, or attributable to, the Network from our second round of funding which commenced on 1 October 2017.  This includes a variety of work such as presentations, talks and lectures by our investigators; sponsorship of workshops & events; publicity and media coverage of our research; and more or less any output which isn't a paper or publication - as these are listed here.

Why do people pay not to go to the gym?

Andrea isoni

The Interplay of Multiple Psychological Processes Underlying the Attraction Effect

Neo Poon with Andrea Isoni, Ashley Luckman and Tim Mullett

The Effect of Contactless Payments

NIBS PhD student Merle van den Akker talks about money; the pain of paying; and the effect of contactless payment methods on an individual's spending habits.

Unfair Price Discrimination & Transaction Fairness

Bob Sugden & Bruce Lyons are developing a conceptual framework to assess the fairness or unfairness of pricing strategies by firms, building on the ideas in Bob's recent book - The Community of Advantage.

Reflections on Humanomics

Bob Sugden

Trust and mutual benefit in markets

Robert Sugden

Polarisation of Public Opinions during Intergroup Contact

Chris Starmer, Amelia Fletcher

An Exchange Visit to Max Planck Institute

Orestis Kopsacheilis

Psychology of Money

Merle van den Akker

The Future of Competition Policy

Bruce Lyons

Tainted Nudge

Despoina Alempaki

Christina Leuker Exchange Visit

Gordon Brown
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