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The ESRC Network for Integrated Behavioural Science is a partnership among the Universities of Nottingham, Warwick and East Anglia with seven international partners.  Its research can take several forms including literature review, analysis of existing datasets or decision-research experiments undertaken with subject volunteers online, in the lab or in the field. 
The topics covered by this research are unified under key themes and objectives.  For NIBS 2 these objectives were:  

  • advancing behavioural science relevant to the understanding of consumer behaviour (both at the general level and with specific reference to consumer and household finance)
  • market response to that behaviour; and
  • regulation of markets and formulation of public policy.

The NIBS research does not therefore generate a single data set.  NIBS Co-Investigators and Collaborators have produced over 100 papers which have been published in journals or online as working papers.  Some of the papers are theory, some review existing data sets and a few others gather new data.  Datasets are traditionally published alongside the paper and are given a unique identifier by the publisher.  Where this isn’t possible, data can be requested from the corresponding author whose contact details will be given in the published paper. 

On our website we provide a list of published papers which acknowledge the NIBS2 grant.  

You can also find all the outputs attributed to the grant via the UKRI Gateway to Research.  From their homepage you can search by grant number (ES/K002201/1 for NIBS1 and ES/P008976/1 for NIBS2) or use these links to take you directly to the GTR page for NIBS1 or the GTR page for NIBS2.   

Additionally a copy of the papers which acknowledge the NIBS grant are deposited in the institution repository of the lead author.  These repositories have different search criteria but one of the best ways to find a paper is to search by title or author name. 

If you experience any difficulties or have a question about NIBS data please contact Professor Chris Starmer, Director of NIBS at the University of Nottingham. Email:


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