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International Partners

Exchange Programme

The Network for Integrated Behavioural Science (NIBS) offers an exchange programme for researchers, which primarily involves seven other international centres of excellence in behavioural science. These are:

Our Exchange Programme under NIBS1 & NIBS2 has supported early career researchers (PhD students and Post Docs) to make visits between the NIBS UK centres and international partners.  This included:

Anita Kopanyi-Peuker (Konstanz) to Nottingham (September 2014-June 2015)
Sudeep Bhatia (Warwick) to Berlin (April 2015)
Sudeep Bhatia (Warwick ) to Switzerland (May 2015)
Tim Mullett (Warwick) to Berlin (February 2016)
Despoina Alempaki (PhD Nottingham) to Warwick (NIBS1)
Group visit (Nottingham & Warwick) to Berlin (April 2016)
Alejandro Luis Lee (Nottingham) to CMU (October - December 2016)
Group visit (Nottingham & Warwick ) to CMU (September 2017)
David Hagmann (CMU) to Nottingham (Nov 2017)
Joerg Weber (Nottingham) to the University of Hamburg (Feb 2018).
Orestis Kopsacheilis (Nottingham) to CMU (November 2018)
PhDs from Warwick to Amsterdam for CCC (CeDEx, CBESS & CREED) (May 2019)
Orestis Kopsacheilis (Nottingham) extension in Amsterdam (May 2019)
Ashley Luckman (Warwick) to Amsterdam (August 2019)
Despoina Alempaki (Post Doc Warwick) to Ningbo, China (November 2019)
Christina Leuker (Berlin) to Warwick (November 2019)

Advisory Group

The Network’s Advisory Group includes external academic advisors and affiliate members invited to represent business, industry, media and government. They advise on and review the research strategy. 

Listed below are the Advisory Group Members (correct as of 17 September 2020). 

* Mike passed away in February 2021. You can find the Newcastle University book of condolence here.

Former Advisory Group members:
Alex Chesterfield and Matthew Oakley (Which?); Osama Rahman (Ministry of Justice)


The Network involves stakeholders at all stages of the project. If you would like to be kept informed of news and developments by email, please e-mail your details to the NIBS Administrator.

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