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Outputs - Papers and Publications

On this page we highlight the publications associated with, or attributable to, the Network from our second round of funding which commenced on 1 October 2017. This may include publications, discussion papers or other documents in the public domain. Work attributed to our grant will cite our grant number - ES/P008976/1.  A list 'other outputs' which includes talks, events and media activities can be found here.

Deceptive Communications

Despoina Alempaki, Valeria Burdea, Daniel Read

Confidence Snowballing and Relative Performance Feedback

Zahra Murad and Chris Starmer

The association between gambling and financial, social and health outcomes in big financial data

Naomi Muggleton, Paula Parpart, Philip Newall, David Leake, John Gathergood and Neil Stewart

Investigating the failure to best respond in experimental games

Despoina Alempaki, Andrew M. Colman, Felix Koelle, Graham Loomes, Briony D. Pulford

An evaluation and comparison of models of risky intertemporal choice (PDF)

Gregory Crawford, Jacques Crémer, David Dinielli, Amelia Fletcher, Paul Heidhues, Michael Luca, Tobias Salz, Monika Schnitzer, Fiona M. Scott Morton, Katja Seim, and Michael Sinkinson.

Lying and social norms: a lab-in-the-field experiment with children

Despoina Alempaki, Genyue Fu and Jingcheng Fu

Normative economics without preferences

Robert Sugden

Lying in a Foreign Language

Despoina Alempaki, Gönül Dogan, Yang Yang

Risk compensation during COVID-19: The impact of face mask usage on social distancing

Ashley Luckman, Hossam Zeitoun, Andrea Isoni, Graham Loomes, Ivo Vlaev, Nattavudh Powdthavee, Daniel Read

How meaningful are parameter estimates from models of inter-temporal choice?

Timothy Ballard, Ashley Luckman, Emmanouil Konstantinidis

An evaluation and comparison of models of risky intertemporal choice

A Luckman, C Donkin, and BR Newell

Understanding the composite dimensions of the EQ-5D: An experimental approach

Rebecca McDonald, Timothy L. Mullett, and Aki Tsuchiya

Probabilistic Biases Meet the Bayesian Brain

Nick Chater, Jian-Qiao Zhu, Jake Spicer, Joakim Sundh, Pablo León-Villagrá, Adam Sanborn

Limits of the social-benefit motive among high-risk patients: a field experiment on influenza vaccination behaviour

Ozan Isler, Burcu Isler, Orestis Kopsacheilis and Eamonn Ferguson

An inquiry into the nature and causes of the Description - Experience gap

Robin Cubitt, Orestis Kopsacheilis, Robin Cubitt

Sinking In: The Peripheral Baldwinisation of Human Cognition

Cecilia Heyes, Nick Chater, Dominic Michael Dwyer

Developing International Perspectives on Digital Competition Policy

Amelia Fletcher and Shaun F Ennis

The Role of Demand Side Remedies in Resolving Competition Concerns

Amelia Fletcher and David Hansen

Patience decreases with age for the poor but not for the rich: An international comparison

Giovanni Burro, Rebecca McDonald, Daniel Read, Umar Taj

The role of deception in stimulating negative evaluations of win-win corporate sustainability initiatives

Despoina Alempaki, Andrea Isoni, Yuri Kato, Daniel Read and Hao Wei

Naive Buying Diversification and Narrow Framing by Individual Investors

John Gathergood, David A. Hirshleifer, David Leake, Hiroaki Sakaguchi and Neil Stewart
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