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PhD Studentship: Understanding Consumers’ Financial Behaviour

  • Start Date: 1 October 2019
  • Offered by: University of Warwick, Warwick Business School - Behavioural Science Group
  • Location: Warwick Business School
  • Funding Amount: £4,347 for fees plus annual stipend approximately £15,000 per year
  • Hours: Full time for 4 years

This studentship is funded by Warwick Business School and will be linked to the ESRC-funded second phase of the Network for Integrated Behavioural Science (NIBS). The first supervisor will be Professor Neil Stewart, who has a background in Psychology, and the second supervisor will be Professor Graham Loomes, whose back ground is in Economics.

The PhD will examine core issues in the cognitive science of decision making using techniques from data science and exploiting our access to very large datasets of retail and banking transactions. The successful applicant will have strong quantitative skills, with expertise in working with the R programming language (or similar).  Subject knowledge across psychology, behavioural science and behavioural economics is desirable.

Good examples of the kind of research that might be completed can be found in:

Both papers available at SSRN.

NIBS revolves around a collaboration between the Universities of Warwick, Nottingham and East Anglia, who are funded to undertake a programme of research investigating the Science of Consumer Behaviour.  Briefly, the primary aim of the network is to develop realistic models of individual and household decision making, drawing primarily on a combination of psychology and economics, and applying those models to inform our understanding of consumer behaviour; market response to that behaviour; and regulation of markets and formulation of public policy.

NIBS has links with firms and regulators in the UK financial sector and the databases available to us offer particularly good opportunities to develop and refine models with reference to field data.

When making an application, candidates should explain why their background and interests make them suitable for this studentship. Informal enquiries about this studentship can be addressed to Professor Neil Stewart and/or to Professor Graham Loomes.

Candidates should apply no later than Monday 11 March 2019 via the standard WBS online application system. Details can be found at   

Posted on Monday 18th February 2019

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