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Chapter 2: The Role of Demand Side Remedies in Resolving Competition Concerns in Remedies in EU Competition Law Substance, Process and Policy. Edited by Damien Gerard and Assimakis Komninos. Published July 2020.

Authors:  Amelia Fletcher and David Hansen

From the publishers' website:
Remedies in EU Competition Law: Substance, Process and Policy is an unparalleled book developed in collaboration with the College of Europe’s Global Competition Law Centre (GCLC). Remedies, designed to correct the negative effects of anti-competitive activity in markets, are central to competition law enforcement and act as a benchmark against which the efficiency of the overall system can be measured. A dearth of coverage which looks at issues, such as mergers, antitrust and State aid, quite a few recent high-profile decisions and an increased focus on areas such as digital markets, have triggered the need for an authoritative and comprehensive guide such as this.



Posted on Thursday 23rd July 2020

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