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Nick Chater, NIBS Co-Investigator and Professor of Behavioural Science at the University of Warwick, is to examine how changing people’s behaviour can reduce the UK’s carbon emissions, after joining the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). 

Professor Chater is an expert in behavioural science and believes one of the biggest challenges in reducing carbon emissions is changing the behaviour and decisions of individuals, managers and even politicians.  Nick says; "I am delighted to be joining this important committee, and having the opportunity to explore how the understanding of human behaviour may be harnessed to help the UK hit its carbon targets over the coming decades".   You can read more about the position and Nick's thoughts in a press release from the University of Warwick.  

Note: The CCC is an independent body established under the Climate Change Act to advise the UK Government on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.



Posted on Friday 8th April 2016

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