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For the first time, the annual CCC meeting has been extended to include the University of Warwick.  This is a great opportunity for our NIBS students (and faculty) to come together, share their research, and gain valuable feedback from their peer group, in a similar way to the CeDEx Brown Bag seminars in Nottingham, but with a wider audience.

This year the meeting will take place on 16 & 17 May at the University of Amsterdam.  CCC is named for the three research groups involved - CeDEx at the University of Nottingham, CBESS at the University of East Anglia and CREED at the University of Amsterdam.  The event is organised by PhD students from the three institutions, and the venue rotates so each institution has the opportunity to host.

The change for this year means we have been able to invite all NIBS students and Post Docs, including those based at Warwick Business School and the School of Psychology at Warwick.  The programme will include presentations by PhDs as well as some time for social activities & networking.  CeDEx at Nottingham will be the host for 2020.


Posted on Friday 5th April 2019

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