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We are truly delighted that NIBS Co-Investigator, Bob Sugden, has won the 2019 Joseph B. Gittler Award for his book, The Community of Advantage: A Behavioural Economist's Defence of the Market.

This annual award by the American Philosophical Association (APA) is given for an outstanding scholarly contribution in the field of the philosophy of one or more of the social sciences. 

The selection committee said, “Robert Sugden’s book is a significant and powerful defense of a theory of the foundations of economics, which attempts to derive fundamental axioms and theorems of welfare economics from a contractarian approach in which the criterion of individual interest is not the satisfaction of preferences but rather opportunity. The result is a defense of a regulated and psychologically/socially stable market economy (as opposed to a planned economy). Sugden offers an argument for what is mistaken about neoclassical economics and its problematic reliance on a preference-satisfaction criterion of individual interest.”

Source: APA Blog - you can read the full article on the APA website


Posted on Wednesday 7th August 2019

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