The Network for Integrated Behavioural Science  
University of Nottingham
The Behavioural Insights Team exists to improve people’s lives and communities. They work in partnership with governments, local authorities, businesses and charities, often using simple changes to tackle major policy problems.

Over the last eight years, the Team has grown from a seven-person unit within UK government to an independent organisation, jointly owned by the UK Cabinet Office, innovation charity Nesta and its employees.  Their work has spanned 31 countries in the last year, and they have run more than 750 projects to date, including 400 randomised controlled trials in dozens of countries. They have also launched an Executive Education programme with Warwick Business School.

NIBS Co-Investigator, Nick Chater, has been a member of the BIT Advisory Board for a number of years, and is listed on their website as an affiliated academic. To look at the diverse portfolio of projects the Team is involved with, take a look at their Anuual Update Report for 2017-18.

Posted on Thursday 14th February 2019

NIBS - Network for Integrated Behavioural Science

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