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The School of Economics is delighted to announce that, after a successful application to the ESRC ‘large grants’ competition, four more years of funding has been secured for the ESRC Network for Integrated Behavioural Science (NIBS),

The award (worth over £2 million) will extend and advance achievements of the existing NIBS network, again centred on three world-leading centres of behavioural science at the Universities of Nottingham, East Anglia and Warwick.  It will have the same Director and a research team that includes key participants from the original network with strategically-chosen additions.  It will also continue linkages with seven international centres of excellence in behavioural science in the USA and Mainland Europe.

The aim of the network has been refined to focus on advancing behavioural science relevant to the understanding of consumer behaviour; market response to that behaviour; and regulation of markets and formulation of public policy. It will do so at the general level and with specific reference to consumer and household finance. The reconfiguration of the research team reflects this new focus on consumers and consumer markets.

Professor Chris Starmer, Director of NIBS says; “We believe the new focus has strong potential for scientifically transformative research; high impact in the policy world, private and third sectors; and social benefit for consumers themselves.  Our current funding ceases on 30 September and we plan to run seamlessly into the new project commencing 1 October 2017”.

Posted on Thursday 29th June 2017

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