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Professor Bob Sugden (UEA) presented, "How a behavioural economist can also be a classical liberal" on 6 December 2017 at a conference in honour of Vernon L. Smith, which took place at the University of Nottingham. Bob was an invited speaker and you can view a copy of the workshop programme here.

Professor Smith was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2002 for his ground-breaking work in experimental economics and has authored or co-authored more than 300 articles and books on capital theory, finance, natural resource economics and experimental economics.  The visit consisted of a workshop which featured presentations by Bob Sugden (University of East Anglia), Nick Chater (University of Warwick) and Harro Maas (University of Lausanne).  This was followed by a public lecture by Vernon entitled, 'Experiments and The Theory of Moral Sentiments: Predicting How and Why Strictly Self-Interested Actors Play Trust and Ultimatum Games’.

View more details and a couple of photographs from the event on the CeDEx website.

Posted on Tuesday 4th December 2018

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