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In the October edition of our NIBS Newsletter we offered a warm welcome to our NIBS affilated PhDs, some of whom attended our September Workshop which took place last month at the University of Nottingham.  We thought you might like further information and we hope to feature more of their work as their research progresses.

University of Warwick

In the Behavioural Science Group (Department of Psychology) we welcome first-year PhDs Sidney Sherborne and Yu-Chun Huang.  In the same group, but over at Warwick Business School we welcome second-year PhDs Neo Poon and Merle van den Akker.  Merle has recently started a blog, "Money on the Mind" in which she shares her thoughts/ views on all things behavioural.

University of East Anglia

Prachi Hejib studied Behavioural Economics at the University of Nottingham before moving to the University of East Anglia, School of Economics to commence her PhD. 

University of Nottingham 

Joining Nottingham's School of Economics/ CeDEx we have first-year PhD, Richard Mills. Also affiliated are second-year students, Malte Baader and Sarah Bowen, both of whom have already had success bidding for NIBS funds to undertake behavioural experiments with their supervisors. We are also due to welcome Lara Suraci in October 2019.  Lara is currently studying at the Unviersity of Konstanz on the two-year MSc programme which is run in collaboration with Nottingham.   

Posted on Monday 22nd October 2018

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